Gucci and Dazed Launch “Absolute Beginners” Film Series, TikTok Challenge

Gucci is officially tapping into the power of TikTok. Picking up from the self-made elements of the original Gucci Model Challenge, the luxury brand is releasing a series of short films starring Elle Fanning, Jodie Turner-Smith, Kelvin Harrison Jr., and more in partnership with Dazed Media.

As noted by WWD, the series is titled “Absolute Beginners” and has courted nine first-time directors and friends of the powerhouse brand to direct a film to celebrate “the potency of the pop culture and naïveté, the beauty in amateurism, and expose the power and vulnerability of the creative impulse while centering the Gucci Jackie 1961 bag.”

The “Absolute Beginners” series will feature nine films divided into two drops. The first one (featuring work by Elle Fanning, Kelvin Harrison Jr., Jodie Turner-Smith, Benedetta Porcaroli and Emma Corrin) released on Wednesday, October 28. The second…

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