Social distancing has supermodel Hailey Bieber spilling all her skincare secrets. Last month, she shared her “beauty commandments.” Last week, she conducted an hour-long masterclass with Dr. Barbara Sturm. And now, she’s opening up to Glamour UK about what her day-to-day skin looks like, revealing she suffers from perioral dermatitis.

According to the American Academy of Dermatology, perioral dermatitis is a condition that appears around the mouth in the form of a rash, which is often mistaken as acne. The rash can “can itch” and sometimes even be accompanied by a burning sensation. Though it is common around the mouth, perioral dermatitis can also occur around the eyes and nose, or a combination of all three spots.

“I have perioral dermatitis, so certain products irritate my skin, giving me a horrible itchy rash around my mouth and eyes,” Hailey told the magazine. “I always…

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