Hailey Bieber is no stranger to plastic surgery rumors. The mode has grown in the spotlight and, over the years, there have been countless articles published about her “transformation.” Did she get a nose job? Perhaps some brow fillers? What about those lips? The rumor mill works tirelessly but the 23-year-old model took to Instagram on Thursday, May 21, to shut down all her haters once and for all.

In a post that has since been deleted by Instagram user @beautyambra, the user posted a side-by-side of Hailey in 2011 and Hailey in 2020. Sure, in the pic, Hailey’s jawline is less defined and she has a little more of a round baby face. But let’s all please remember that, in 2011, Hailey was 14 years old and natural transformations are inevitable over that pivotal decade.

Hailey decided that she wasn’t going to take this one lying down, though, and commented on the post. “Stop…

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