Hailey Bieber just hit the streets of New York in a look that is 100% Dad-fashion approved, from her sneakers to the toasted bagel she carried in her bag.

On November 30, Hailey was spotted on the streets of Manhattan grabbing one of the Big Apple’s most iconic food items, and she dressed for the occasion. Hailey rocked skinny leather pants, a dad cap from Homme Body, a cream-colored top, and a chic tailored overcoat. But the pièce de résistance of her ensemble was her sneakers: A pair of New Balance x Studio FY7 992 shoes, an exclusive collaboration with Parisian Studio FY7. (Paired with some classic white cotton socks, of course.)

Hailey’s shoes are a bit more expensive than your average dad’s favorite New Balances; they’re currently selling on auction sites for as much as $750 a pair. The final piece of the outfit was the bagel tucked in her bag, which she eagerly shared…

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