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If you find yourself at the salon every six weeks paying north of $300 to get your hair color just right, you’ve likely wondered at one point or another how to dye your hair at home. It’s daunting, but with patience it can be easier than you think — especially if you’re doing a single hair color or simply covering up stray grays (rather than a full head of highlights or complicated ombre hair color). To find out exactly how we should go about dying our hair at home, we turned to Estelle Baumhauer of eSalon, a site that specializes in individual hair color with personalized instructions. Read on for Estelle’s tips for mastering at-home hair color like a pro.

Find Your Perfect Match

Choosing a hair color shade can be tricky, but it’s not impossible. I suggest choosing a shade close to your natural or your dyed hair color. Over the years, I’ve noticed that…

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