Like many of us, it looks like Halsey has been using her social distancing at home to flex her creative muscles and have a little fun with her beauty and fashion; and her latest post reveals she may have been inspired by a viewing or two of Sailor Moon because she’s gone full-on anime.

On April 21, Halsey posted a pic of herself in a Sailor Moon-esque getup, including a bubblegum pink wig, cropped sailor top, pleated skirt, and knee-high lace-up combat boots. From the wig to the boots, all pieces featured the same shade of bright, sweet pink. “Alex, I’ll take: ‘Things I’m Doing’ for 500,” she captioned the post.

In the pic, Halsey looks almost exactly like the character Chibiusa, whose rose-colored hair and penchant for pink is one of her signatures and, well, we are totally obsessed.

Halsey nailed it, but we’re not surprised! Changing up her look and playing with new hair colors is…

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