Harry Styles is making history once again. Not for his music this time around, but for his style. More specifically, his Gucci garms.

While we now know that the majority of Harry’s most iconic looks are being kept safe in a frozen vault in London with 24-hour security, Harry’s iconic cobalt-blue Gucci will get special treatment. As noted by British Vogue, Harry’s suit is being added to the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame where it can live forever and ever, basking in the glory it deserves. The museum officially announced the news on September 22 via Twitter, writing, “Harry wore this while he inducted @StevieNicks into the HOF and while he played ‘Stop Draggin’ My Heart Around.'”

Harry’s suit will be preserved as part of the museum’s “Right Here, Right Now” exhibit that showcases the evolution of Rock & Roll fashion among today’s music stars. Harry first debuted the custom Gucci…

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