What does it mean to be cool today? A few words that come to mind are outspoken, true to yourself, and pushing boundaries. Words that come to mind when thinking of Dede Lovelace and Ajani Russell. Two of the stars of HBO’s Betty, and members of the all-girls NYC skate collective, The Skate Kitchen, which was “in response to sexist comments under videos of female skaters on YouTube telling them to ‘get back in the kitchen’.” It’s no wonder then, that Rihanna, who embodies these same attributes, hand-selected Dede and Ajani to star in Fenty’s latest visual campaign.  

“I loved how the team allowed me to skateboard in the clothes because I know fashion can be very serious due to how expensive and limited each item is,” says Dede. “I love how progressive the Fenty brand is, implementing skateboarding, showcasing pregnant models, displaying positive images of black females,…

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