In addition to Sailor Moon’s themes of love, friendship, and empowerment, the show is known for its fashion. Since it takes place in the ’90s, there are plenty of pastels, overalls, high-waisted skirts, and denim-jacket ensembles that still look fashionable today, because the #90sanimeaesthetic is a real thing. Sailor Moon is one of the few anime shows to inspire fans, including myself, to not just wear the famous Sailor Senshi outfits (seen above), but to also attempt to re-create their classic, casual everyday looks. While I mostly identify with Usagi (and love her denim jacket, striped shirt, and pink shorts look), there are style inspirations throughout the series’ 200 episodes, including Rei’s pink overalls on top of a white shirt, Ami’s baby blue sweetheart dress, Makoto’s army green cardigan over a black turtleneck dress, and Minako’s coral crop top and pleated…

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