Fashion’s future is already here. This September, we ask What Is Fashion Now? by exploring the people, concepts, and ideas that are pushing the us forward in times of unprecedented change. In this story, we talk with three beekeepers about personal style, mental health, and bees. 

As adults, our clothing serves as our version of security blankets. We all have those certain pieces we reach for when we need to feel protected and safe, giving us comfort in uncomfortable situations. Protection comes in many forms, in some cases it’s a mentality; in others, it literally means some extra padding, thicker gloves, ripstop fabrics. And then there’s the clothing that keeps us safe emotionally — it speaks for us so that we don’t have to. It brings in those who are like-minded and repels those who aren’t.

Left, on Natascha: BBWear Retro Deluxe Bee Suit, $206.53, available at BBWear;…

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