Whether you use a Beautyblender or a generic makeup sponge to apply your full-face beat, chances are you’ve tried your fair share of methods for cleaning your most-used makeup applicators. With so many high-tech cleaning devices on the market (looking at you, makeup sponge washing machine, it’s hard to spot the difference between an effective cleansing process and a viral TikTok gimmick.

In search of answers, we asked Beautyblender founder Rea Ann Silva for her best sponge-cleaning advice. Rule number one? Don’t put your Beautyblender in the microwave. Silva warns that it could damage your most beloved makeup sponges. “The biggest misconception [about cleaning Beautyblenders] is putting them in the microwave,” she tells Teen Vogue. “Please don’t do that! We don’t want anyone to get burned and also you won’t want to ruin your Beautyblender by doing this.”


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