This summer has been wildly different and one thing it’s challenging us to do is tap into our creativity more. For your next creative project, create a friendship bracelet. The project is fast, easy, and it can be relaxing while you navigate playing with colors, beading, and more. Whether you want to create a bracelet for a friend who you haven’t seen for a few months due to social distancing, or you want to create one of the colorful pieces for yourself, it’s not hard at all.

Jewelry designer, Roxanne Assoulin says her key to finding inspiration when creating pieces is that, “it has to spark joy.” “You’re making it for yourself. A lot of time we over think the process,” she tells Teen Vogue. This project isn’t one to be exaggerated or one to spark anxiety, but one to allow you to express your creativity and relax and get lost in the colors and shapes of the…

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