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Since most of us can’t head to the salon right now to get a haircut or even a quick trim, we’re having to become a little resourceful a la Bella Hadid. Cutting your bangs should be left to the pros, but since we’re all living this new normal, an at-home trim is perfectly acceptable, totally doable and surprisingly simple — as long as you have the right tools and know how to do it properly.

The first rule of a DIY bang trim is don’t use the scissors you keep in your junk drawer. Butterfly Studio Salon stylist Vanessa Fernandez advises looking for an inexpensive set of shears you can use at home. “Regular scissors are too dull and will cause hair to become damaged or split.” You’ll also need a ponytail holder or some clips and a comb that has wide to fine teeth to help guide you as you trim. Once you’ve got what you need, simply follow the steps below…

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