If you’ve been scrolling TikTok as of late, you might have noticed a new trend is starting to emerge and it’s none other than the good ol’ cutting your own bangs at home.

“For all my ladies out there who have been wanting bangs but have been too afraid to get them ’cause they are worried they’re going to look stupid or something… Now is the perfect time to get them. We are all in quarantine anyway so if they look bad, no one is going to see you. So, yeah… just cut your bangs,” one of the new viral videos encourages. “Cut your bangs! Cut your bangs! Cut your bangs!”.

Cutting your own bangs at home might seem like a great idea… at first but if done on a whim, things might end up terribly. But now that hair salons, barbershops, and even nail salons are closing down due to COVID-19, finding a professional to fix your hair needs might not be an option (unless you live with…

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