Like many of us, I’m currently working from home. Late last week, I packed up close to 50 pounds of crystals, chains, and gems from my design studio and walked them to my apartment, where I set up a temporary battle station filled with sunglasses, earrings, and objets d’art. This isn’t the first time I’ve mixed home office-ing with social distancing. I started A-morir, my line of luxury accessories, from my studio apartment in 2008. Three years later I couldn’t leave that room for six weeks after a major surgery, and kept to myself while recovering so I wouldn’t get sick again. What helped me feel good then? The same thing that’s helping me now: I wake up, take a shower, and immediately get dressed in my favorite things.

I don’t believe in saving pieces for “special occasions,” whether that piece is a designer outfit or a fancy set of china. I happily sip matcha from a…

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