If you’ve been wanting to learn how to french braid, you just stumbled upon your new step-by-step guide. After being at home for months and learning how to style your own hair without a hair stylist, you should be a pro now.  For summer, there’s a list of styles that are easy to follow and DIY for the extra hot days when you don’t want hair all in your face. The simple solution is braids, but even more specifically french braids. The style is complete with two three-strand braids centered right down your head, from your crown to the nape of your neck. While you may think this style is harder than it looks to complete, it’s not. Hair stylist Gina Rivera calls french braids, “a modification of the common braid with a little added flair.” While it can be hard in the beginning, Gina says that this style is all about practicing. “With a bit of practice, you can create some…

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