If there’s a time to try and perfect TikTok trends, it’s now. Nestled between viral dances lies the latest viral trend which shows just how to work our magic with a diffuser.

Back in February, TikToker @moothless shared her method for achieving the bounciest curls with a diffuser. “Imma teach y’all how to diffuse your hair because I did not know for the longest,” she starts off saying in the video, and, honestly, same. Thanks to her quick and easy tutorial, which has now amassed over two million views, we have the secret to executing the most flawless curls with a diffuser.

For starters, @moothless runs African Pride’s Miracle Leave-In Conditioner through her curls, properly quoting rapper Yo Gotti, “I tell all my h*es, rake it up. Now rake that sh*t up.” Following her leave-in, she soothes her scalp with Garnier Fructis’ Moroccan sleek oil treatment. Next, she…

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