Protective hair styling is a black girl’s best friend during summer. The extreme heat can be a hassle and to deal with and humidity doesn’t make it any better. While there are a handful of protective styles, box braids have rained true to be one of the most popular. Most recently, knotless braids have gained fame as they can be lighter and less painful than regular box braids. Regardless of the braids you opt for, they’re cute, extremely versatile, and easy to maintain during the warmer months. The style isn’t as hot of a protective style like weave and last longer than styles like Bantu knots and twist outs.  

While box braids can be done in a hair salon, it’s also possible to be done right from your home. After months of surviving with salons being closed and hopefully mastering your own natural hair, you’ve already got a head start to try your hand at new styles….

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