How are you making the best of summer despite the state of the world?
I’m listening to Phoebe Bridgers’s new album every day and painting a lot and watching a lot of TV and journaling and also allowing myself to cry and feel overwhelmed. I definitely spent the first few months being like “everything is fine!” But everything is most certainly not fine and that’s okay. It’s okay to feel that.

What about the sun makes you feel good?
I love what it does to my skin. Growing up I used to avoid it because I got so much darker (hello internalized white supremacy!) but now I love it. I get all warm and dark and it’s beautiful.

How are you spending your summer in quarantine?
Phoebe Bridgers, art, crying, lots of dancing, and going on bike rides around my neighborhood, and yelling at Republicans on the internet.

Accessorizing for the pool doesn’t have to be complicated. Throw on a…

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