When it comes to experimenting with hair color, K-Pop idols are perhaps the most fearless. When it comes to “K-Pop hair,” the biggest stars have sampled all the colors of the rainbow, switching up their looks more frequently than most of us post to our Instagram feed. As renowned hair designer Soonsiki of Soonsiki Hair in Seoul puts it, “natural-looking hair colors such as brown and light brown were certainly the hair trend in South Korea a few years ago, but now it’s all about bleaching and adding fun colors as a way of expressing yourself. People aren’t afraid of colors anymore.”

We’re all aware of the love affair between K-Pop and fashion, but an idol’s hair is often an even bigger statement than their clothes. A drastic hair transformation is frequently used as a signal to fans that there is something exciting on the horizon: a tour, a new single, or a music video or…

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