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With most of the country world sheltering in place, we’re having to figure out how to tackle grooming at home. Things like getting a haircut, getting our nails done and taking care of our overgrown eyebrows at the salon aren’t possible right now. But trying to take on these tasks at home is a bit scary. You don’t want to make a mistake and end up looking worse for wear. Well, we can help — at least when it comes to grooming your brows at home.

The Tools of the Trade

Full disclosure: We’re just as nervous as you are about trying to tame our unruly brows. So we decided to turn to the experts. The first tip? Make sure you have the right tools. Anastasia Soare, founder and chief executive of Anastasia Beverly Hills, recommends high-quality scissors and slanted tweezers. And both should be on the thinner side.

“If the tip of the blade is too thick, you run the…

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