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Not everyone has the urge to Marie Kondo their place, even if they’re stuck at home with plenty of time to spare. “Organizing can be a stressful and daunting task for some, especially if you’re looking at all the items you have at once,” says Rob Truglia of MakeSpace Storage. “It’s best to start off by determining what areas you need to clean and go from there.” 

You may never get to the point where organizing is a relaxing or fun task, but it can be relatively stress-free. Marshall Weber, organizing expert for Stor-It Self Storage, outlines the key steps to organize your home. 

Start slow.

Don’t try to reorganize your entire home all at once. Don’t even devote a whole hour to organizing if you don’t feel like it. Start slow with 15- or 30-minute sessions.”

Organize one room at a time.

“There’s no need to take on your whole house. Go one room…

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