Bucket hats, button ups, mini skirts, crop tops… Kendall Jenner has been mastering ’90s style as of late — and we are definitely taking notes.

Kendall’s latest summertime looks are the perfect lesson on ’90s trends and, if she is rocking these, it goes to show that these styles won’t be going anywhere anytime soon. But embracing the ’90s style isn’t so much about focusing on the full look as it is about keeping things simple (and, frankly, it’s too hot right now to make things complicated anyway). 

If you want to become a master of ‘90s style like Kenny, the key resides in styling your quintessentially ‘90s piece of choice and letting it shine practically on its own. Whether it is an easy white tank top or maxi coats, Kendall has always nailed the ’90s off-duty model looks and this summer it’s no different — all you have to do is add a breathable face mask to the…

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