Step 3: Find a stable position for your mirror. 

By finding a stable position for your mirror, you are able to move freely and test different angles without worry about the mirror. Keep all factors the same (lighting, mirror, background, etc.)  so that the only thing shifting is you. Too many changing factors will make it more difficult to capture the perfect image. 

Step 4: Put together the right outfit. 

Let’s not forget that the point of the mirror selfie is to capture the ‘fit! The ones that stand out the most in a mirror selfie are the ones that are bold, colorful, and textural. When it comes to personal style Fiyori says “I love outfits with different shades of the same color and I love to wear white as much as others do black. Don’t get blinded by price tags or labels. Many of my all-time favorite pieces are thrifted and cost only 2-5 dollars.”


Step 5: Start…

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