Making a good impression in the workplace starts with how you present yourself, whether it’s your day-to-day look or a special outfit for a boardroom presentation. As you advance in your career, your wardrobe should advance with you, reflecting your growing role and responsibilities.

Women over 50 have a unique opportunity to redefine themselves with a modern, updated look; here are a few tips to achieve it.

Go for a natural look

Heavy makeup tends to settle in fine lines and wrinkles, and powder can accentuate the problem. Look for lighter foundations with a dewy finish to replicate a youthful glow. Makeup experts recommend neutral eye palettes—think creams and taupes—for a brighter, more natural look. Go with your favorite lip color, but avoid layering on too much gloss; it can cause your color to bleed into tiny lip lines.

Update your hairstyle

Unfortunately, many…

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