If you’re algorithmically connected to the makeup side of TikTok at all, you’ve probably seen NYX’s Shine Loud liquid lipstick making the rounds. A long-wear no transfer lip color with a hyper glossy finish, NYX promises this product allows you to “kiss, drink, hair flip, and wear under a mask with no worries.” TikTokers like @mikaylanogueira and @glamzillaxo are putting the product’s ability to test by kissing their hands to demonstrate that there is, indeed, no transfer.

That on its own is pretty impressive, specifically because it is glossy. We know what long-wear matte lip products can do in terms of longevity, pigmentation, and lack of transfer, but long-wear lip glosses tend to be very heavy and dense. If we’re talking practicality, that viscous texture is 100% undesirable. But NYX has nailed it.

The NYX Shine Out Loud lip color takes a page out of CoverGirl’s and…

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