Jackie Aina is cooking up something and her fans are patiently waiting. Earlier this week, the beauty influencer started speculating about a new business endeavor on her Twitter fans before dropping a major clue.

“Guys something is coming @ForvrMood,” she tweeted on July 13 alongside a picture of herself mid baking (the makeup kind of baking) and holding a lighter. Immediately, fans flocked to the tagged page to find out what it was but there not much to see. “Often Appropriated, Never Duplicated! by @Jackieaina,” read the page’s bio. “so whatchall think we launching,” Frvr Mood’s first own tweet reads. Later, Jackie also announced Forvr Mood on her Instagram and the brand’s Instagram page has garnered over 67,000 followers since her announcement. 

There’s undoubtedly mystery surrounding the brand. Jackie has already confirmed it’s not makeup and fans have already…

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