James Charles recently said that he was done with “drama” in the beauty community, saying he wasn’t planning on “addressing” anything going forward but… he definitely just did, this time in a short TikTok video.

We’re a few months removed from the events of “Dramageddon 3.0,” a mess of YouTube beauty drama involving James, Jeffree Star, Tati Westbrook, and Shane Dawson. But James referenced the whole shebang of finger-pointing, crying in videos, blame-shifting, and name-calling in his TikTok vid in under a minute. A new trend on the app has users facing the camera and listening to La Roux’s song “Bulletproof” and sharing something that makes them bulletproof. James’s take on the trend is pretty funny — and it directly addresses the drama without making a 10-minute video or blaming someone else.

“You think you can hurt my feelings? I lost 3 million subscribers in one day &…

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