Kimberly Drew: One thing that is interesting about the many hats you wear is, there is a lot that can get lost in translation between what is glamorous and what is taxing. I think so many people are like, “Oh, it must be so fabulous all the time.” Can you talk a bit about your work?

Jari Jones: Going [onto any] set, or any media, whether it’s TV, film, but especially fashion…I think fashion is the one that scares me the most sometimes, because I’m marginalized by it. I’m trans, I’m plus-size, and I’m Black. So when I go to sets, I am preparing more than any other white straight-size model. These models get to walk onto set with nothing, [just] their bags, potato chips, and a coffee. I have to bring shoes, because [usually] they don’t have women’s shoes that are up to [a size] 12 or 13. I have to bring different clothes, because most stylists aren’t grabbing for…

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