Have you ever wondered what Jojo Siwa looks like without her signature super high, super slicked back pony, brightly-colored bows, and rainbow fashions? If so, you’re not alone and we finally have the answer.

The YouTuber recently gave fans a peek at what she looks like sans her trademark “Jojo” glam in a new TikTok, and you may be surprised at what her hair actually looks like when she lets it down.

Jojo, who is known for her colorful style and bubbly, enthusiastic personality, recently posted a series of TikTok videos detailing the process of going au naturale, including one where she struggles to take her bows and shades off. “I can’t take it off,” she lip-syncs to existing dialogue. Despite the struggles, she finally does show off her “normal” look but not before changing into a variety of brightly-colored jackets (including one from Gucci), flashy sunglasses, sparkly bows, and…

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