When she put together an outfit based on her favorite GOT7 album, 15-year-old Hayeon didn’t mean to start a trend — but she has since inspired K-pop fans around the world to recreate the aesthetics of their favorite albums in outfit form.

The Toronto native was just cleaning her closet and putting some outfits together when she realized that one of them looked eerily similar to the black-and-white cover art of the band’s 2019 Spinning Top EP. “After that, I tweaked the outfit a little bit to match the album more, then took a quick picture and posted it,” she tells Teen Vogue. “I never would have expected it to blow up as it did.”

But, well, it certainly did. Hayeon’s Spinning Top-inspired outfit, which she posted to her Twitter on March 28, rapidly went viral among GOT7’s fans, known collectively as iGot7 or Ahgase. While sharing her ‘fit, Hayeon also challenged…

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