For a K-Pop group, visuals — be it through graphic and production design or styling and makeup — are equally as important as the music. Entertainment agencies place a lot of thought into nailing down a group’s EP or album release theme, commonly referred to as a ‘concept’. Every minute detail, from the album packaging to the color of a member’s nail polish, is the product of months of careful planning. In some cases, it is the concept that dictates how an upcoming release is going to sound and feel.

In the teaser for girl group Red Velvet’s last comeback for “The ReVe Festival: The Finale”, the members don long white veils over ghostly white (and in Wendy’s case, black) dresses, standing against what seems to be a dark forest while gazing eerily at the camera. While the poster didn’t explicitly give any details, the image alone was enough to communicate that this…

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