Who among us hasn’t played Nintendo Switch whilst lounging in underwear and doing a face mask and thought: “Now is a great time for a Photo Booth selfie session!”

If that sounds like a pretty stellar Saturday night to you, you’d be in good company with Kendall Jenner. On April 4, the model shared a photo on Instagram wearing a white tank top and sea-green underwear, her cheeks and forehead covered in a face mask in a similar shade of green. In one hand, Kendall held up her neon lime Nintendo Switch, showing off her paused Mario Kart game. The other hand casually held her phone, which she pointed at the screen in order to snap a selfie while also taking a Photo Booth picture. Pretty sure she made this much more complicated than it needed to be!

“WBU?” Kendall captioned her ‘gram, and it seems as though plenty of her celeb friends were spending their weekend the same way….

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