Whether about her ex Tristan Thompson or her family’s promotion of certain teas, Khloé Kardashian usually avoids social media drama. But when she spotted some shade being thrown on her latest Instagram photo, the Kardashian decided to clap back.

On May 28, Khloé shared a glam photo of herself to her Instagram account. The picture shows Khloé from the waist up, clad in tie-dye Off-White turtleneck, and sporting a full face of makeup, neon manicure, and slicked back ponytail à la Ariana Grande. “The Mondayest Thursday ever,” she captioned the snap.

As usual, Khloé’s post was quickly met with love and likes from both fans and celebrities. But one fan, in particular, sparked a nerve with their comment: “Why do you look so different in all your photos?”

The fan’s comment is likely referring to another photo Khloé posted recently that sparked a debate online. Many failed to…

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