Hand sanitizer was probably the most in-demand product of 2020, and Kylie Jenner knows it. Due to COVID-19, the handy germ-killer has become a must and, given the current state of the pandemic, we don’t see sales slowing down anytime soon. 

On January 5, Kylie announced she had just added her very own hand sanitizer to her Kylie Skin line and the launch has the internet divided over whether she is profiting off the pandemic or trying to help. Kylie initially shared the news of the hand sanitizer launch on her Twitter, writing that the product was “80% alcohol, fast-drying, and formulated with glycerin to prevent dryness!” 

Already available for sale in the U.S., the spray sanitizer comes packaged in Kylie Skin’s signature baby pink packaging and costs $7 for a 60-ml bottle, a significantly heftier price tag than most drugstore equivalents.

Upon reading the news, some people…

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