After sporting affordable cozy clothes and new hairdos, Kylie Jenner is back again with a new trend that’s bound to catch on fast: a rainbow French manicure.

On April 30, Kylie took to Instagram to share a photo of her new manicure look and we’re absolutely obsessed. The pastel (and matte) rainbow manicure features the very ‘00s French tip style. It is certainly a look that we haven’t seen before but one that we love — and many commenters felt the same way.

Though Kylie’s nails sparked major love and envy in the comment section, other people took the chance to express concerns that Kylie has broken COVID-19 restrictions (much like Kim did) to get her nails done despite clear guidelines in place to stay home in the state of California.

But, as we’re only able to see photos of the nails done from within the comfort of her Lamborghini, it’s impossible to know who did her nails or…

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