The diaries of the rich and famous look a lot like ours right now: stay at home, work from home, cook, document the process, maybe read a book and finish the evening partaking in an Instagram Live. And their wardrobes are starting to simulate ours, too. Take, for instance, Kylie Jenner and her new stay-at-home favorite.

Instead of the hyper-glam, cut-out dresses that we’re used to seeing her wear on red carpets (or the more business-boosting power shoulders she’ll wear to Kylie Cosmetics HQ), Kylie has been favoring a more simple style lately, mirroring her current beauty habits. Kylie’s stay-at-home zip-up jumpsuits prove to be practical, stylish and, for a billionaire’s wardrobe at least, surprisingly affordable. It’s an upgrade from our PJs and sweatpants, but it’s from the same school of comfort.

Lately, Kylie has been seen sporting a few pieces from Naked Wardrobe. She…

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