Like many of us, Lili Reinhart is also a pimple popping video enthusiast. But the Riverdale star has a peculiar use for these vids.

In a new interview with SELF, Lili opened up about her go-to bedtime routine, spilling the details on everything from her nighttime skincare to her daily prayer ritual. And among Lili’s favorite things to do before hitting the hay is watching some classic pimple popping videos.

“I check Reddit. I like Reddit — only certain accounts, obviously. Like, the Oddly Satisfying subreddit is really soothing to watch before bed. I find some hilarious things on there,” she told the mag. “I also find pimple popping videos quite soothing before I go to bed. Which a lot of people find disgusting, and that’s totally fine — I find it soothing.”

Lili has a point: There’s nothing as satisfying as watching a ripe pimple burst or seeing an age-old blackhead…

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