I’ve always been averse to bodysuits, based solely on the fact that they make trips to the bathroom way more complicated than it needs to be. Who would want to have to not only an urgent need to empty their bladder but also a need to quickly take off all their clothes, in a public bathroom? Not me. It’s an extra unnecessary step and brings me closer to one of my worst fears: peeing on myself. But now that, the bathroom is literally 10 steps away from my bed (#WFH week ???), I thought why not try one. I’m talking go all out. Not just a bodysuit in which one could slip a pair of jeans or sweats over, but a full-length one with no need for pants or coverings. And, now, there’s no turning back….for me, and maybe you, after reading this.

It all started when I got sent the Sky bodysuit from Live the Process, a fitness clothing brand that I have admired from afar for a while,…

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