Italian fashion brand Marni has apologized for its insensitive “Jungle Mood” campaign shoot that featured Black models in chains, faux tribal symbolism, and other imagery that many believed heavily leaned on colonial and slave stereotypes.

The shoot garnered online backlash after popular callout account, Diet Prada, posted about its potentially offensive themes. On July 28, Diet Prada wrote, “The images begin alluding to racist, colonial stereotypes of Black people as primitive, uncivilized, and unmodern people.”

Model Natasha Ndlovu was quick to comment on the callout post, writing, “Corona hasn’t even finished its world tour and Italian brands are at it again. And this whole ‘jungle mood’ terminology is so stereotypical jee zus ! Isn’t there a fashion panel that should approve images for brand campaigns? As a content creator brands are up my *ss doing approvals before I…

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