TV: Sad but true! Something that really interests me about the wardrobe in Elite is that the main characters wear uniforms during most of their time onscreen. Was that a challenge?

C.R.: It was tricky thinking about the uniforms and how each of the characters would personalize or customize their uniforms and what accessories they would wear. You have to be able to express a lot through small details. At the beginning, we thought of it as a problem, but in the end, it turned out really well.

TV: One of the characters who successfully customize their school outfits is Lu. She looks like Blair Waldorf with all of her headbands and pearl sets! What has it been like creating her look?

C.R.: The actor that plays Lu, Danna Paola, is probably the most in touch with the fashion world out of all of the cast. She loves fashion and she’s been in the entertainment industry since she was five, so…

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