Model and activist Munroe Bergdorf has several tattoos but there is one particular piece of her body art that holds special significance: Her “Protect Trans Kids” tattoo. And now she’s explaining exactly why.

 Munroe is one of four queer women discussing the importance of their tattoos in a new Pride video with British Vogue. The model is joined by tattoo artists Emily Malice and Nish Rowe and activist Tanya Compas, and each woman shares the story of her body art and how their tattoos are meaningful.

“I wouldn’t want to generalize, but I think a lot of trans people have got tattoos, just because I think we view our bodies in a different way to how cis people do. It helps you reclaim your own narrative, to look at a part of your body and celebrate it with a tattoo,” Munroe explains in the video as the camera pans over her ink, which includes a large back piece, roses on the back of…

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