Munroe’s post proved controversial. “Our country is very different to, say, America when it comes to racism. It’s frustrating, because I feel like we’re just not used to having these conversations,” she says. Soon after her post, L’Oréal U.K. relieved Munroe of her modeling duties, announcing that her statement was “at odds” with the the brand’s values. An international fracas followed in the press, particularly in Munroe’s native Britain, where transphobia remains rife in the mainstream. (Watching her television interview with Good Morning Britain’s brusque host, Piers Morgan, in which he used the airtime to continuously speak over her condescendingly, requires a strong stomach.) London-based beauty company Illamasqua briskly scooped up Munroe for a holiday campaign, but the L’Oréal incident foretold other difficulties in her career.

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