My best friend Judy, 66, decided to get married. She and her husband, Marvin tied the knot just before Los Angeles was ordered to go in to quarantine in mid March.  People have asked me why she would get married so “late” in life? I’ll tell you why. Because she wanted to feel fully committed to her significant other, and I applaud her for that. Also 66 is not “late in life”, by the way

Judy’s dress is perfect for a Mid-March small wedding outside held in San Diego. Up close it almost looks like a brocade.

Judy and I have been the dearest of friends since we were 10. We have a 50 year friendship that has withstood, boyfriends, breakups. marriages, children, and even a divorce. Judy had been divorced for almost 10 years. During that time, I met a couple of boyfriends along the way. But no one is more perfect for Judy than Marvin!!

That’s me on the left. I am wearing black and…

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