Crocs are a polarizing shoe indeed and fashion icon Naomi Campbell has strong feelings on the foam footwear.

While some think the foam footwear is the most hideous thing they’ve ever seen, countless others wear them with pride — and comfort. (There’s a reason they’re a favorite of chefs, gardeners, and nurses.) Naomi Campbell is definitely in team “No Crocs” and she made her feelings known in a recent Hot Ones interview.

As noted by Nylon, Naomi was asked — between bites of super-hot wings — about which fashion trends she thinks are classic, and which ones she thinks are ridiculous. The supermodel cited the little black dress as a classic, saying it’s “never going out of style,” but she couldn’t say the same about Crocs. “I’m not into Crocs. Sorry, Crocs. Nothing against your brand. I find it a lazy shoe.”


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