Election Day in the U.S. is rapidly approaching on November 3. In advance of the important voting day, many retailers have introduced policies that allow workers proper time off to vote. Conglomerates such as Starbucks, Apple, and Walmart have dedicated time off for their workers to vote, while Uber and Twitter have given their employees the entire day. Now, Old Navy has announced that it will also do its part, albeit in a different way.

The San Francisco-based retailer announced that it would compensate all of its employees who serve as poll workers on Election Day with a full day’s pay (regardless of whether they are scheduled to work that day). It’s a new policy that is meant to combat a nationwide shortage of poll workers. According to the U.S. Election Assistance Commission, reports Inc., there is currently a shortage of more than 250,000 poll workers in the U.S., due to…

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