In times where some of us are only changing from our PJs to sweatpants to leggings (maybe the occasional slip dress), and repeat, I understand how thongs wouldn’t necessarily fit the cozy equation. Who would want to feel like they have a wedgie 24/7 while navigating online classes or Zoom meetings? Not me. Thongs, in this economy? That was the question I used to pose myself anytime somebody I knew would voluntarily choose to wear this barely-there undergarment — before I tried Parade’s thongs, that is.

Let’s take it back to simpler times: It’s December of 2019, we didn’t know that 2020 would be what we thought 2012 was going to be (remember the Mayan prophecy and this movie), and the biggest event of my life is that I became a thong convert.

It began when I received a pack from the underwear startup that Cami Téllez cofounded in 2019 that included three thongs, two cheeky undies,…

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