When she launched the #PullUpOrShutUp challenge, Uoma Beauty founder Sharon Chuter asked for numbers and, a few days later, some brands have delivered.

Following the widespread #BlackOutTuesday in support of the Black Lives Matter movement and to protest the killing of George Floyd, Chuter stepped up and addressed the underlying race problems present in the fashion and beauty industries. Posting a performative black square and a Martin Luther King Jr. quote is easy, but the real work happens on the inside, and Chuter’s #PullUpOrShutUp challenge addresses that.

On June 3, Chuter prompted beauty brands to publicly share how many Black employees each company has working at a corporate level and in leadership roles, highlighting that only 8% of people employed in white-collar professions are Black. A lot of beauty brands profit off of the Black dollar and work with many Black influencers…

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