TV: You’ve styled Naomi Watanabe and Chloe Sevigny and in the process created looks that allow their personalities and idiosyncrasies to shine through. There’s a playfulness and even an irreverence in some of the imagery. What kind of research on your subjects do you do ahead of a shoot?

RW: Thank you, that is a deeply meaningful compliment to me! I cherish individuality and I do everything I can to nurture a creative environment that allows idiosyncrasy to thrive and be celebrated. As someone who is working to dismantle systems of oppression perpetuated by the fashion industry, I believe irreverence can be an act of resistance. Out of respect for the people I work with, I research them thoroughly in advance of a shoot and oftentimes will ask specific questions in order to be even better prepared. Before going into a shoot I want to understand someone’s body, aesthetic, modesty…

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