TV: How so?

RF: I wasn’t doing it for enough money before then, but from then [on] I started to blossom and my work grew. I went to the club a lot, and people would ask who did our makeup. That’s where a lot of people know me from – us all being club kids.

TV: That makes sense. So many of your clients are deeply involved in the music and arts scene in New York and L.A., and I’ve been introduced to new beauty brands by seeing them on people’s faces at a party. From what I understand, people assume you’re a musician more often than a makeup artist. What kind of music would you play if you could? 

RF: I feel like my style would be rock inspired by rap. My client Junglepussy is a good example: She’s alternative and funky. I wish I could play guitar like her. Also, Khaki King – they play a guitar with their nails. Khaki has these long, acrylic nails, and when I see them they’re…

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